måndag 14 april 2014

Nyheter från Mallorca

Fick i går kväll en länk om den tragiska olyckan där en medlem i CK Ceres så olyckligt omkom. När jag läser artikeln så ser jag att det är det andra dödsfallet på en kort tid, samt att det skett ett par andra allvarliga olyckor med skador som följd.

Då jag inte är en hejjare på spanska får man använda sig av olika verktyg för att översätta, i det här fallet google. Jag har valt att ta bort namnet på cyklisten som omkom samt att jag har tagit bort ansiktena på de cyklister som finns med på bilden.

Texten från spansk nyhetssida:
The cycling season in Mallorca could not have started more tragic way . In recent days have died two athletes in traffic accidents in Wall and Llucmajor, and two others were injured in Puigpunyent results .The fatal accident occurred yesterday about two in the afternoon in front of the Hilton Hotel in camí Sa Torre in Llucmajor. A group of Swedish cyclists traveling on a secondary road and took a sharp turn . Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, is too open and invaded the opposite lane , through which flowed a delivery van .In the sixties , wearing a helmet , hit the car and then flew off and hit his head on the asphalt. Peers and other individuals sought help from their mobile phones and the first to arrive were municipal officers , already found in cardiac arrest . The officials tried to recover with resuscitation , but did not react Xxxxx Xxxxx.
Soon after came the health of an ambulance , they could only confirm the death of a cyclist. The fellow Swede, who was staying at the hotel Cala Estància Amphora , they were shocked by the fatal consequences of the accident. The van driver , who could do nothing to avoid the impact , was also very impressed .

Black Streak
Slightly more than a week , a cyclist of 63 years died hit by a car on the road Muro Can Picafort ago .The victim was 63 years old and was driving with his wife in camí of s'Amarador . A Peugeot 206 was in regard to Can Picafort collided head-on with it, even though the driver tried to brake. The woman suffered a nervous breakdown and the doctors could do nothing for the rider.

This week there have been two accidents involving cyclists. And both , curiously, in the same curve Puigpunyent . The most serious was the second : a cyclist coming down at high speed lost control on a curve " flew " down an embankment about twenty meters. The fall was very violent and suffered multiple bruises and wounds all over his body. With the arrival of spring, have soared to cyclists by the Majorcan roads.

Som jag skrev igår, var försiktiga där ute, kanske lite extra utomlands då vi inte är vana vid trafikflödet och hur folk reagerar.


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