måndag 19 augusti 2013

Någon som är i London den 27.e oktober?

Magnus B och adepten Erik - Foto (c) Fritz O
CTA - Coach Team Assistant is going to organise with english partners Elite Cycling (elitecycling.co.uk/) owned by Paul Mill  from London a seminar in London about "The benefits of performance testing for Cyclists" on the 27th october 2013.

This seminar is to help you understand:
 - The very latest research and methods used by the peloton to legitimately enhance performance
 - How to test for, and analyse fitness and performance data.
 - How to interpret and use data to help with your specific training and goals
 - Why power is now the benchmark for training to enhance performance. 
 - How to use Heart Rate data instead of power to achieve a similar result
The session will also involve:
 - A real time fitness test conducted by Mattia Michelusi on Magnus Backstedt to see how the pro’s do it.
 - A practical turbo session to put the theory into practice using your own bike (Turbo trainers supplied courtesy of  Cycleops Power)
Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.
To book the ticket follow this link:

The evening before there will be a meeting with Magnus Backstedt. Come and listen to a lifetime of tales within the professional peloton from a man who has ridden at the very highest level winning Paris Roubaix and a stage of the Tour de France. Ask your questions about your favourite riders both past and present and try and win a signed jersey by the big man Magnus Backstedt:
Everyone is invited
CTA - Coach Team Assistant
(Fabrizio Tacchino, Mattia Michelusi, Diego Bragato, Marco Compri)

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